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Filemaker 10 Advanced: Terrible stability problems in layout mode

Question asked by ralvy on Apr 19, 2009
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Filemaker 10 Advanced: Terrible stability problems in layout mode


Running FMPA on a Window XP box (SP 3).


After working more and more with FMPA 10, I'm noticing very serious stability problems in layout mode with a particular solution. If I load the solution with FMPA 9, the problems go away completely. If I load a much simpler solution with FMPA 10, there are no problems. Here are the problems in layout mode:


1.  Layout Tool Bar was occasionally showing corruption for quite some time (unreadable portions that seem blacked out). Now it's all the time.


2. Color pallette, which is set to System Subset (88 colors) started to show only 3-5 columns instead of 10. Now I have no idea what it will show because once I'm in layout mode, I can't do anything at all that won't crash the application. Nothing. Nada.


File Recover fails to find any problems at all. I also tried using Add/Remove Software, allowing it Repair the installation, to no avail. I also increased FMPA's memory allocation up from its default 8mb to 50, also to no avail.


I also loaded much older versions of the same solution. FMPA 10 can't handle any of them, even though it never had a problem before. So I know this has nothing to do with any recent development I've done.


Later ... now I notice that even my simpler solution is giving FMPA 10 the same problems. I imagine this mean I must bite the bullet and reinstall FMPA 10. Not sure.