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Filemaker 10 Functions Equivalent to Older Versions

Question asked by BCATLYMCA on Feb 11, 2010
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Filemaker 10 Functions Equivalent to Older Versions


I'm looking for the equivalent Function for some old functions that we were using in Filemaker 6.  We are finally moving into the new millenium (shouldn't we have done that 10+ years ago!) and moving to Filemaker 10.  Our previous scripts included some commands that I understand are no longer valid and I need to recreate with newer command Functions.


The first few that I believe we are going to need a new Function for are: (not sure if they all have to be replaced, or just some)


External("SQL-open", ....) 

External("SQL-executeFile", "C:\Program Files....")

External("SQL-close", ...)


Thanks guys... I appreciate all of the help.