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Filemaker 10 IWP Record in Use Error 301

Question asked by kmohr on Mar 27, 2011


Filemaker 10 IWP Record in Use Error 301


I have a Filemaker Server 10 Advanced hosted database from which multiple records are accessible by multiple users.  Through IWP when a user tries to access the same record that is in use by an other user, I get an Filemaker Web Publishing -- Error 301 (record in use by another user).  At this point the database is unaccessible through IWP because the server is hung up on the error.

I tried creating a script that runs every 5 minutes from the server to "commit" (click okay) past the error but just can't figure it out. 

I'm also using 360Works script trigger plugin which works great to create PDFs of the reports from IWP.  In order to fix the problem above I have to VPN in or drive back to the office to click "Okay" on the open sessions of the database I am using to trigger the scripts through 360Works plugin. 

My users aren't afraid to call me at home or email me if there are problems and I understand their frustration when they are trying to get a report done and my database isn't working.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.