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    Filemaker 11 and Hp printers ARRRRGGGG



      Filemaker 11 and Hp printers ARRRRGGGG


      Our filemaker scripts OFTEN send bad 'paper type' (pre-punched) to various hp printers on our network causing our users to have to manually (on the printer) click the contune buttons to force a filemaker print job through.

      We can't seem to find a way round this

      No other programs on our windows xp machines have print problems like this .

      anyone else tortured by this - Did they fix this in v 12 ?


      thoughts ?



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          Does it happen when you just use Control + P?  Does it happen when you use a script with a page set up or print step?  If it happens with a script, was the script set up with that printer as the destination?

          I would set up a small test file with a sample print page, and various scripts, to test which step(s) produce the wrong paper type.  Variations could include:

          - try no script, but Ctrl+P
          - do that, then after setting the print parameters differently and printing, do it again.  Does the FM print dialogue remember the immediately-prior settings?
          - write a script with a page set up step.  Make the destination printer the HP printer.  Set the parameters correctly, and run the script. Does it perfom correctly when you then use Ctrl+P?
          - When you manually choose and print to a different printer, and then use the script you just wrote, does FM correctly, or at least consistently, restore the settings?
          - when you do the same test on a different workstation, are the results the same?
          - if you work through the same parameters, but add a Print sxcript step and use the settings available through the Print script step, does that produce any more consistent results?

          I think you will find a workable solution if you step through the tests methodically, fundamentally trying to ascertain which of these parts contribute to the final page set-up and print set-up that FM uses:
          - the workstation
          - the printer driver used when setting script steps
          - the page set-up script step
          - the print script step
          - the printer and set-up used immediately before the print to the HP printer.