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FileMaker 11 and Remote Desktop Services server specs

Question asked by RamonDailey on Mar 19, 2012


FileMaker 11 and Remote Desktop Services server specs


Hi there.  I have a client that is running FileMaker Server 11.  Their workforce is becomming more mobile, so I'm trying to help them figure how best to access their FileMaker database while they're on the road.

We have poor Internet connections in our town, so having everyone simply connect directly from FileMaker on their laptops into the server over the Internet is very slow.  I think our best bet will be running a Windows 2008 server and Remote Desktop Services.  I'm happy to consider other options if someone has one.  We tried hosting the file online with a 3rd party FileMaker hosting service, but again, access was too slow.

I need to configure a new server that will run FileMaker Server and up to 10 simultaneous Remote Desktop sessions running the FileMaker client.  How do I determine the server specs I'll need to run simultaneous sessions?  (In reality, it's unlikely there will be more than 5 sessions at a time, especially to start, but I need some room to grow.)

Any suggestions on how to work up a server that will handle the load?

Thank you.