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    filemaker 11 checkbox value list missing



      filemaker 11 checkbox value list missing


      I'm using the trial of Filemaker 11 and the way of creating a checkbox seems to be slightly different than some of the documentation in other posts.

      I want to create a simple yes/no checkbox (actually only yes with a checkbox will do).  I have created a value list with two items.  I have created a field with the type set to "text."  In the field options I have gone to the validation pane and selected "member of value list" and selected my value list from the drop down.

      When I "Insert - Field/control - Checkbox Set" and select my newly created field it displays in layout mode with "<value list missing>" in the field.

      Where am I going wrong?

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          1. Remove the validation settings you made. This won't be needed for a check box value list as the check boxes will limit input to just the values listed in the value list anyway and that's the purpose of these validation settings.
          2. Enter layout mode.
          3. Select your text field by clicking it.
          4. In the Inspector (Click i at top right if it is't visible.) click the data tab.
          5. In control style, select Checkbox set
          6. In the "Values From" drop down, select the value list you have defined.
          7. Resize your field if needed to display all the check box values.
          8. Return to browse mode and you are done.
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            And there you have it.  It's all in the inspector now.  Why didn't I think of that?  THANKS Phil!

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              I suggest that you use a generic value list called 'Select'.  In it, have only a 1.  This value list can be attached to many different number fields.  Resize the checkbox so that width is same as height (which hides the '1' label).  Then type your own label text next to it.  So you can have same value list with words "Shipped", "Active", and so on.

              It will toggle on and off ... 1 or empty ... when checked.  There are many benefits from this technique, here are a few:

              1) It can be used for filtering relationships easily

              2) You can display your field on layouts and DISPLAY the value as "shipped" or "Active" by taking advantage of number format set to Boolean value with your word in the 'yes' value and removing the 'no' from the false value.  If Boolean true, the word will show.

              3) If your field is called flg_active then tests will be simple:  If ( flg_active ; "whatever" ) because you are testing boolean instead of having to type If (flg_active = "Yes" ; "whatever" ).  Life overall gets easier throughout your system.