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FileMaker 11 Pro - Finding records in a portal

Question asked by mdugre on Aug 6, 2011
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FileMaker 11 Pro - Finding records in a portal


Can anyone tell me how to find records in a portal that match a specific criteria (ex: perform a search using person's first name)?


I have fields in a portal that have the quickfind feature enabled but when I go into find mode, put in the criteria and hit perform find, nothing happens.


Also, I'd like to have a search box in the portal allowing the user to enter typical search criteria such as contact name, phone number, etc (i.e.: fields visible within the portal) as search parameters, and then perform the search by hitting a find button (and associated script) I created. Is there any way to do this without creating and using an empty field in the table(s) in question? In other words, like in other programming languages, is there a way to create a variable that's just there, waiting for user input and to use that input as the search parameter?


I need this seach capabilty because I have customers with hundreds and sometime thousands of employees. Under those circumstances, scolling through the contacts to find a specific individual is ridiculous and a waste of time. 


Any and all assistance with this is greatly appreciated.