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    FileMaker 11 Quick Find bug



      FileMaker 11 Quick Find bug


      As far as I can tell, Quick Find doesn't work with forms containing multiple tabs.

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          I'm referring to the Tab Control. One of my layouts has four tabs.


          Maybe you never used tabs? They're really handy! THAT was a major improvement worth the update fee!


          In Layout mode, the menu command is Format.. Tab Control Setup


          In the same database a layout without tabs works fine.


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            Steve Wright

            Im sure mr_vodka is aware of tabs, what I think he was asking you to clarify is :


            Are you saying the quick find does not search in fields which are not on the active tab ?  

            If so I think this is desired behaviour, it is certainly the way I want it.  I would only want to search what Im looking at.


            Or are you saying it does not search ANY fields even if they are on an active tab ?




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              OOPS... it does work... Just that when it took 40 seconds to find 'Patrick' I first assumed it was busted. I'm testing with an older IBM T23 laptop since I didn't want to have FM 9 and FM 11 on the same computer.


              Further testing indicates it searches all the tabs, not just the active one. Guess that's why it's so slow.


              Finding 'Patrick' in a simpler table is instant. Only 664 records in database.


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                Steve the quick find will search any of the fields on the layout whether hidden or not as long as they have been selected to under field behaviors.


                In addition, you can actually put a Merge field on the layout and have that be a searchable field as well. This bodes well for me because I am not issuing the ability for my end users to perform a quick find but as the developer I dont mind using it to find particular Record IDs which I currently have on the layout as a merge field but conditionally formatted to only show with a Full Access account. ;)

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                  Steve Wright

                  I was just guessing :-P   at least im honest :-)


                  Quicksearch is not something my users will get to see (at least for now)

                  Since by default it searches across all fields (although I thought it may not search hidden tabs) I turned it off so that it would not create indexes un-necessarily until I have at least gone through and disabled all the fields I do not want to be searchable.





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                    Disabling  fields from Quick Find did the trick! Older databases default to all fields enabled.


                    Workaround: In layout mode, click Edit..Select All and in the Inspector uncheck 'Include field for Quick-Find'. Then go back and check it just for the fields for which you want Quick Find.


                    Don't want Quick Find in your solutions? In layout mode, I was able to disable Quick Find (gray it out) but not remove it from the toolbar. (Using Windows by the way, since Mac might be different.) Anyone find a way to remove it completely?


                    Now to figure out how to make bar charts of monthly sales! 



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                      Steve Wright

                      You can customise the toolbar to remove it completely if desired, but for anybody who shows the toolbar in their solution, the quick find will add a nice touch