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FIlemaker 11 Security right

Question asked by joshb on May 3, 2010
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FIlemaker 11 Security right


I am trying to give a new user access rights to certain fields and folders within Filemaker. Everytime this company creates a new user, we have to go in and manually re-adjust the rights for the user. Even though we have a pre-set group with the correct permissions, not every permission selected is given to the new user when they are added to this group. We have to manually go in and tell Filemaker that the user is ok to access this window or field. Since I am not the head IT here i am a little lost on how to go in and change the rights for this user. From what I see when you go to File > Manage>Security, the user's rights are set correctly. Is there another area to check for rights? And is there a way to fix this error in FMP11?