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Filemaker 11 slow

Question asked by EplotEplot on Jan 23, 2014
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Filemaker 11 slow & sometimes freezes when perform find


     We have a table with invoices of customers. There's 3 field

     Outstanding Amount = Paid Amount - Invoice Amount 

     Now when we want to find which invoices are outstanding, i just do a perform find on Outstanding Amount <0, but it takes a long time and sometime freezes and i have to force quit Filemaker.

     I did a quick forum search and found out that Filemaker can search faster if "Outstanding Amount" field is a number (Auto Enter Calculation, replace existing value) instead of  being a Calculation. But the problem if i change Outstanding to Auto enter, replace existing value, it doesn't update Outstanding Amount when there's changes to Invoice Amount.

     This is because Invoice Amount is a calculation itself with references to another table. Changes to Paid Amount will auto update & replace existing value because it's just a stand alone field. 

     Does anyone have a solution to this or a better way to find the Outstanding records? Thanks.