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FileMaker 11 xDBC and JDBC update?

Question asked by R12GS on Feb 8, 2011
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FileMaker 11 xDBC and JDBC update?


I have Filemaker 11.0v2.  There is an update called

"FileMaker 11 xDBC and JDBC"

If you read the details, it's clarified with a subtitle of 

"FileMaker 11 xDBC Update 11.3.75"

Since it does not have a version format such as 11.0v3, or 11.1v0, how does a normal guy discern:

1) Does my 11.0v2 FM Client (or Server) already HAVE this update?

2) Does my 11.0v2 FM Client NEED this update?

Since there is nothing yet on the forum, I'm starting this thread.