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FileMaker they listen?

Question asked by Pecos on Mar 10, 2010
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FileMaker they listen?


1. Font Size...In previous posts and other communications with FileMaker I pointed out that 100% is too small on high res laptops and 150% is too big. I suggested they add 125%.  Why do they even bother soliciting suggestions? This has to be trivial to implement. If they support variable font enlargement (a great feature), as in web browsers, why not make it more useful? Web browsers usually go up and down by 10% increments.


2. Toobar...I was hoping they would restore a vertical toolbar option, as in FileMaker 9. There is too much real estate lost at the top, especially now that widescreen is so prevalent. They ignored all the complaints on this issue when  FileMaker 10 was introduced.