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FileMaker 11.03, cannot extract filename of containerfield

Question asked by arich on May 30, 2011
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FileMaker 11.03, cannot extract filename of containerfield


For the purpose of automation I want to write a script that batch exports a container field. It is not possible though. Throughout dozens of forums people claim that using GetAsText(ContainerFieldName) will return the filename of the Containerfield's content or also justs do =containerfieldname, but fact remains and is, nothing will cause filemaker 11 to give me a filename. A text formula that simply contains =containerfield will return a questionmark. Maybe in some version many years ago this did work, today it does not work. At the same time when I right-click and select export on the container field it does autofill out the filename with Untitled.jpg in the export save dialog box with the correct extention. This seems to be a major bug. Why is it not possible to get the filename any more? It drives me nuts. Please help. All i need si the file extension.