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Filemaker 11: Create PDF set wrong file permissions

Question asked by FrancescoScarpa on May 14, 2010
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Filemaker 11: Create PDF set wrong file permissions




I usually save some reports in PDF with save record as PDF script step.

This file is saved in network path (filewin://ipaddress/dir/filename.pdf). using fm10 the file permissions and security options are properly inherited from parent folder (in this case the file are accessible by all Domain users - win 2003 domain).

The same file, saved with FM11 (same machine, same user) didn't inherit parent folder permission but the pdf is accessible by the document owner (the user which print pdf) and the Domain admins only.


As i tried to print the same file using both software from the same PC, same script I think that this problem is related to FM11: somehow filemaker overwrite the file permission granted by parent directory.


Is there something i should check to make FM11 work like FM10?