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    Filemaker 12 and UPS Worldship



      Filemaker 12 and UPS Worldship


           Hi All

           I know this has been asked before and I have found a ton of posts that refer to older versions of Filemaker. I have upgraded to FMS12 and now I cannot find one single instance where someone has succesfully connected UPS Worldship and Filemaker Pro 12.

           Yes, i do know about NRGsoft but that is not what I'm looking for.

           I am looking for a simple mapping solution that will let me do a keyed import in UPSW using information on FM database. I need to fill out only Ship from fields and Ship to Fields. That is it.

           My current setup works perfect (FM5 and UPSW) 

           I have called UPS Tech Support and nobody seems to know how to do this WITHOUT using ODBC connection. I have been told that it is possible with Direct Mapping to the data source - in this case Filemaker - 

           While I wait for a UPS Tech to either come or do remote help, I am looking on my own without any luck.

           Any insight info will be appreciated



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               Out of curiosity, why don't you want to use ODBC? I suspect that you will have to use that method to get what you need here.

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                 For one, I do know that the best and most logical way is to use ODBC - that I know.

                 I was trying to find out if what my UPS Rep and Tech is telling me can actually happen. No need for ODBC - just do a straight mapping - which I've never heard of before.

                 The sad part is that all UPS Techs know how to integrate everything but the moment you trhow the word Filemaker into the conversation, they do not know how to handle it. There are a few that are sharper and more up to date on this but it is hard to actually get a hold of one of them. I have tried calling UPS Numerous times in an hour span to see if luck is on my side to no avail.

                 Obvoiusly here you can see I am trying to save on spending another $1700 and avoid having to buy FMserver Advanced.

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                   "direct mapping" isn't something that I recognize by that term, but doesn't sound like something that is possible with FileMaker unless someone has already set up a plug in to support it. You can web search for plug ins and you might get lucky.