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FileMaker 12 Container Field

Question asked by applelakshan1 on Aug 30, 2012
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FileMaker 12 Container Field


Hello developers

I am working on FM 12 solution that is hosted on Mac Pro with FileMaker Server 12.

in this solution i need to linked Filemaker database to video files the already hosted on Mac server, 

Mac server have 2 hard drives , 01 is for the system and other is for data, all video fiels already hosted on data (folder name VIDEOX) section. this VIDEOX folder have morethan 800 video clips and growing every week.  so i need to added that clips also to the filemaker solution and manage it. we will use Filemaker pro and ipads to  remote login to access the database

all the video files size avarage is 400MB.

What i am looking for: users can upload video files to the syetsm (remoltey/localy), But this file always will store on data  drive  on folder name :VIDEOX with file name (should not changed). and video file should have linked with that container field. i already tested it with Filemaker it works greait with the local Filemaker pro on server. but when it use with Filemaker remotley it does not work, so i want to know how to make it work.