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    Filemaker 12 Conversion



      Filemaker 12 Conversion


           I have converted a large solution with 28 files from Filemaker 11 to Filemaker 12. The files originates from previous versions (8,10).

           When I close Filemaker 12 client, the crash occurs. While working in database, everything is ok. The crash happens only after I close all databases. Recovery and consistency check hasn't found any error.

           Do you think, that the converted files are corrupted?. Should I recreate the files from scratch? It would be a lot of work crying

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               Do you have any plug-ins installed?  If so, try uninstall the plug-ins.

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                 Yes, ScriptMaster, EventScript, Troi_File + Activator, mail.it and custom sql plugin installed.

                 I have tryed to remove all plugins from extension folder and it has no effect? The same thing happens on Windows XP and Windows7.

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                   You may try removing the plug-in before you convert to 12.  There have been a few people  on this forum thats has had a similar problem as yours and they all stated it was related to a plug-in not being compatible. 

                   Your files could be corrupt.  I understand from this forum that sometimes a file can be corrupt and just isn't detected by the older version of filemaker, but is detected in the newer version. 

                   I would still bet it has to do with one of the plug-ins.

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                     Do you mean to remove plugins from Filemaker 12 and then convert all databases in FM12? I will try it.

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                       You might also close your converted files one at a time and see if closing a specific file triggers the crash.

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                         I have tested closing each file (only one open at time) and it does not crash.

                         (Un)installing plugins has no effect on crashes. They still occur after.


                    So it is some error in unloading more linked files. It affects only Filemaker shutdown, no problem during working when all files are open.

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                           Have you update FM12 ?  The updates has fixes some issue with crashes.  I don't know if it will fix your issue, hopefully.

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                             I am using 12v4 client and server.

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                               I seem to recall an unresolved bug report in Report an Issue where the poster was getting a crash during a script that closed other files. They worked around it by inserting a brief pause between the close steps.

                               You might also try recovering your files in the older version of FileMaker, then converting the recovered copies if you have not already tried that.

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                                 I have inserted 0,5s pause between close script steps, but the crash is still there. It happens after all files are closed. Filemaker maybe want to communicate server that files were closed and there is some error? It doesn't matter which OS version is installed (W7/XP/WindowsServer). The files seems properly closed, but I am not sure. Fortunately FM11 is still here.

                                  I will try to do recovery before conversion. Could it be due to 64bit Filemaker Server? I must try that (my admin will be happy smiley)

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                                   Does your file run a closedown script that switches to a certain layout? If so, you may have a layout with a corrupted layout object on it that's causing the crash.


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                                     No specific layout is selected. The closedown script simply close all files.  After last window filemaker didn't exit and instead crash. I can hear harddrive working before the crash happen, so filemaker does something, but all files are closed and I can see only grey background and dialog with recent items.  

                                     Sometimes this error occurs when I close all windows with x button and then reopen my solution...