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    Filemaker 12 Conversion - Custom Dialogue Choices



      Filemaker 12 Conversion - Custom Dialogue Choices


           My intense dislike of FM12 continues unabated.

           I converted a perfectly-working FM11 file to FM12.  Now scripts with custom dialogues don't work because the button choices have been removed.  It took me a while to catch on, as the early scripts I ran were often one-button-choice 'information' dialogues, with just an 'OK' button, to accept.

           Then I tested some others that had, for example, 'OK' and 'Cancel'.  Now they only have 'OK'.  When I click on 'OK', nothing happens.  Well, that's because the default button had been set to 'Cancel', as a safe-default.  So the conversion has changed the appearance of the 'Cancel' button to be labelled as an 'OK' button.  And when I edit the custom dialogue in the script, all button labels have been removed.

           I'm sure there is some driving logic for that (possibly from the same source as the logic for making the layout design interface a nightmare); maybe it will come to me as I spend days trawling through all of my scripts to figure out where custom dialogues were used, and what the buttons used to be labelled with.

           EDIT: Potential correction: the scripts affected seem to be individual scripts I copied and pasted from an FM11 file into an FM12 file, rather than scripts that were there as part of the conversion process.  I'll check deeper.  They also have lost the feature of any button being 'Commit'.  It is a real problem, as everything seems to work at the point of design.

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               Hmm . . . not much help, but when I converted I had no anomalies as you describe. Committing is the same and the number of buttons is the same. 12.0v4 on Mac 10.7.5.

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                 Thanks Rick - a quick test confirmed that it happens when you copy and paste a script from FM11 to FM12.  There is no warning that the button labels have not been transferred, that the one button the dialogue shows will say 'OK' no matter what it was before, and that no button is tagged as 'Commit'.  You can copy the one step or a whole script, same effect.

                 So, yet another backward step in time-efficiency: I cannot copy and paste the legacy scripts we've built up without checking them for Custom Dialogue steps, and those that we've already used now have to be tracked down and amended.

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                   But this should not be an issue if you convert the file to FileMaker 12 format before copy/pasting script steps from it...

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                     I would be very wary of copying anything from a FM 11 file into an FM 12 converted solution. As well, I see no reason to do so. A couple of my layouts got mangled in the conversion and I DID copy and paste objects from one to the other but it did little good. I ended up redesigning the layouts in question. This turned out to be trivial in comparison. Still a pita though.

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                       We've become very used to jumping back into previous solutions and grabbing an existing script that would be handy for any current project.  Same with layout designs.  And icons.  And tables.  We often copied a table, its layout, and a bunch of associated scripts - up and running again inside a new solution in minutes.  Now icons won't copy.  A collection of fields paste as a single object.  Scripts seem to copy, but not quite... sometimes.  What about tables?  Copying seems to have worked every time, so far, but then so did script copying.  Do calculations copy across OK?  Let's hope so.  At least when they didn't before, the non-functioning part was commented-out, so we had a fighting chance.  So now I have to convert our legacy of solutions first, before I can exploit any of that 'stock'?  I think it's a pity that FM12 didn't just take out bugs and add in features, rather than taking out perfectly-working features, and adding some bear-traps of its own.

                       I'll retire to the whiteboard again, and do my Bart Simpson impression:

                       "I must remember the $600 bought me an upgrade
                       "I must remember the $600 bought me an upgrade
                       "I must remember the $600....