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Filemaker 12 crashes when saving as PDF in windows XP with SP3

Question asked by kyledraco on May 4, 2012
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Filemaker 12 crashes when saving as PDF in windows XP with SP3


I have Filemaker 12 Pro installed on a PC with Windows XP SP3. The windows updates are current and Adobe Reader version 10.1.3 is installed on the machine. I have a layout that was converted from Filemaker 11 that prints a report about 10 pages long. I put the layout in Preview mode and click "SAVE to PDF" button or "Save/send records as PDF" from the file menu. A small window showing "saving PDF" flashes and then windows reports Filemaker 12 has reported an error. I click do not send report and Filemaker 12 closes. I have tried to adjust the layout size to fit the page, create a script to save as PDF with error capture ON and changed the PDF options, but it errors out of Filemaker Pro each time I try to save the report as a PDF. I can save the report to excel with no problems, and the report saves to PDF with no issues on any Windows 7 PC. Any ideas what would be causing this? The save to PDF worked fine in version 11 of Filemaker Pro on this machine. Also, I uninstalled all version of Filemaker before I installed Filemaker 12 PRO and i have also uninstalled and reinstalled Filemaker 12 PRO at least once. I am also sure that the folder I am saving too is set to the correct security for writing/saving the file as I have saved several other files there during my testing of this problem.