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Filemaker 12 feedback

Question asked by AllanAlbrecht on May 23, 2012
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Filemaker 12 feedback


Not sure where I was to post this, so I'm posting it here.

So as some of you users may have noticed, I have posted a few entries on here as I could not find the answers in documentation.

Here I am in week 10 of my trial and I gotta say I'm not happy.

Documentation is seriously lacking. And I don't think it's fair to come on the forum and put up a posting everytime I can't find the answer in documentation or in online support.

So, you've handed out a 30 day trail in hopes to get my business, yet you fail to document it. I guess the 30 day trial is intented for upgrade only and previous FM knowledge is assumed?

Your starter apps have features that lend no information on how they came to be. Your documentation for scripting is pretty much non-existent, especially with merge or variable fields.

My hopes of making any kind of headway on my project is pretty much put on hold until someone catches up and puts out some decent docs on how to use the program to design.

Meanwhile my 30 day trial will expire and I wouldn't be surprised if I'm prevented from getting another one later on.

FM looks like a great product, I just wish the support documentation was ready before the release.