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Filemaker 12 List View...slower by a lot.

Question asked by JamesGrubic on Apr 4, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2012 by revmk


Filemaker 12 List View...slower by a lot.


Brand new database with about 400 records and 27 fields, I converted it to FM12.


In Filemaker 10 this was scrolling effortlessly in List view. In fact I can launch it in FM10 even now and happily scroll to my heart's content.


In Filemaker 12 the scroll speed is significantly slower. This is with a spartan UI. If I dare to apply any of the themes with rounded UI elements, etc., it gets even slower.


I hope that in a patch you will address this speed issue, as right now I'm sort of stunned that a new version is actually slower. In fact if someone would let me know the best way to report a bug I will do so.