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FileMaker 12 Value List Problem

Question asked by RyanBachman on May 4, 2012
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FileMaker 12 Value List Problem


I am having an odd problem since migrating from FM11 to FM12. My value lists that display information from a table where 'Include all values' is selected are giving me an error on any computer that is using the file via FileMaker Network. The value list works fine on the host machine, but all other computers get a <File Missing> error. (I think I have seen a <Field Missing> error once or twice as well.)

I have found a work around, but it isn't very practical because of the number of locations I would have to fix. If I select 'Include only related values starting from:" and select a table that has a relationship such that all records are matched for both tables (X), the list works fine. Of course, I have had to create new relationships for many of these because the existing relationships between tables were based on the fact that I wanted the tables to have some other type of relationship.

In the attached image, the host machine is on the right, and the exact same layout and DB via FMnetwork is on the left.There are actually two examples of the error, because the popup menu next to "Order Type" displays the value of the field (600) rather than the value from the value list (EverGrain).

Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions?