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    FileMaker 12 Value List Problem



      FileMaker 12 Value List Problem


      I am having an odd problem since migrating from FM11 to FM12. My value lists that display information from a table where 'Include all values' is selected are giving me an error on any computer that is using the file via FileMaker Network. The value list works fine on the host machine, but all other computers get a <File Missing> error. (I think I have seen a <Field Missing> error once or twice as well.)

      I have found a work around, but it isn't very practical because of the number of locations I would have to fix. If I select 'Include only related values starting from:" and select a table that has a relationship such that all records are matched for both tables (X), the list works fine. Of course, I have had to create new relationships for many of these because the existing relationships between tables were based on the fact that I wanted the tables to have some other type of relationship.

      In the attached image, the host machine is on the right, and the exact same layout and DB via FMnetwork is on the left.There are actually two examples of the error, because the popup menu next to "Order Type" displays the value of the field (600) rather than the value from the value list (EverGrain).

      Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions?


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          My value lists in my test DB's where I've been playing with FMP12 haven't had any issues like that. By any chance are these value lists listing values from a table that is defined in a different file? If the clients can't find and open that file--possibly due to a external data source reference that has a problem--it would match what you are reporting here.

          I'd open Manage | External datasources and check the references to see if I could spot an issue there...

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            That's a good idea, but I don't think it's the issue. All of the data in the fields on the layouts are coming from the same source as the value lists. I should have mentioned that they are in a separate database from the layouts themselves (i.e. external data source), but if the client computers can't get data from the database that is storing the tables for the value lists, no information would appear at all.

            Let me know if I am misunderstanding your question.

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              That's still a case of pulling data from a different file and thus, I'd still investigate those external data sources. You can have more than one external data source reference to the same table in the same file--so one might be working for you in the rest of the interface file and your value list could still fail to work due to using a different exteranal data source reference that does not work.

              I'd also run a recover on both files as a quick check for any problems. I'd test both recovered copies to see if the problem persists even if no problems are reported by the recover process. If no problems are reported, but the recovered files work correctly, try using advanced recovery options to rebuild all field indexes without making any other changes during the recover and see if that solves the issue.

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                I will definitely take a look at that. I only do work for this company one day a week, and I've got most of the issues fixed with work arounds to keep them going for now, so it might be a week before I get a chance to try that. Thanks for the info!

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                  If recover is needed here to rebuild indexes or you have some hidden file corruption, you may not have a week to find and fix the problem. More serious issues might crop up before then...

                  See if you can get some back up copies of the files and test them with a recover.

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                    I just ran the recovery, and no problems were detected. I also ran the consistency check, and everything came back clean.

                    If I understood what you wrote about the external data sources correctly, you were indicating that the issue could be due to multiple external data sources pointing to the same file/table. I checked, and there is only one external data source for the data and value lists, so I would assume that they would have to use the same connection. Please let me know if there is still something I am not understanding correctly with the external data sources.

                    Again, everything works perfectly on the machine that is hosting the interface file, even if the source for the data is on a separate machine. It is only when somoene connects to the interface file via FMnetwork that the issue appears.


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                      Did you test the recovered copies? (I realize that you might have to wait.)

                      Where is the interface file located? on the server or on the client machine?

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                        I have tested the recovered files, and I have the same issue. I tried the file on both the server and client. If I run the interface file on my computer, no problems. If I run it on the server and connect via FMnetwork, the value list problem persists.

                        I even tried opening the interface file on a client that was connected to the server, connected to the client via another client, and I still have the same issue. If the file is not phyically on the computer, the lists do not populate. Weird.

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                          I tried the file on both the server and client. If I run the interface file on my computer, no problems. If I run it on the server and connect via FMnetwork, the value list problem persists

                          Does that mean that it works if the interface file is copied to each server or is "my computer" the host in what you have tried?

                          This is looking like something to post in Report an Issue (see tab at top of this screen) that's where FileMaker Techs look for reports of possible bugs. If you do that, include a link to this thread to save typing.

                          Can you use a relative path instead of fmnet?

                          That would look like:


                          and will work as long as the referenced file is located in the same file as the one referencing it--even if hosted by FM PRO or FM Server.

                          Since the interface file can access the data, this change shouldn't be needed, but if it works, it gives you a work around and may give the FileMaker Techs a key clue on what is wrong.

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                            Yeah, I wasn't very clear. "My computer" is the server for the interface file. I meant that when I run the interface file locally, I don't have any problems. When I access it via FMnetwork, I have the issue. I have to step out for today, but I will try your idea next week. Thanks for the help, and if you think of something else, I am certainly open to any ideas.

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                              I switched the external data sources path to the relative path you mentioned, and it fixed the problem immediately! I will submit this to FM as a bug and see what comes of it. Thanks for your help!