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FileMaker 13 "Getting Started" Field Balloons

Question asked by DavidWolfe on Dec 7, 2013
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FileMaker 13 "Getting Started" Field Balloons


     I've been digging around in FM13 trying to figure out how the field help balloons where done in the "Getting Started" guide in FM13.  When a field is clicked a tip balloon pops up with a focus pointer pointing to the field and some info on the field function.  I suppose it could be done with the new hide object config and a calc on Get (ActiveFieldName) on a graphic object but the balloons seem to be a function of FM13 since they appear semi-opaic and background content can still be seen.

     Have I missed something or did someone at FM use a graphic app to create the balloon objects?  The "Getting Started" database isn't unlocked for me to dig into on my own.