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    FileMaker 13 "Getting Started" Field Balloons



      FileMaker 13 "Getting Started" Field Balloons


           I've been digging around in FM13 trying to figure out how the field help balloons where done in the "Getting Started" guide in FM13.  When a field is clicked a tip balloon pops up with a focus pointer pointing to the field and some info on the field function.  I suppose it could be done with the new hide object config and a calc on Get (ActiveFieldName) on a graphic object but the balloons seem to be a function of FM13 since they appear semi-opaic and background content can still be seen.

           Have I missed something or did someone at FM use a graphic app to create the balloon objects?  The "Getting Started" database isn't unlocked for me to dig into on my own.


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               You are probably looking at examples of the new "Pop Over" feature--a new type of button.

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                 Thanks for the reply.  Unfortunately it looks like a Popover is just a button.  You don't seem to be able to make a field a popover.  In the Getting Started guide, clicking in an actual demo field pops open the balloon help.  It certainly looks like a popover style element but I can't see any way to make a field a popover source.

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                        You don't seem to be able to make a field a popover.

                   But any field can be turned into a button with Button Setup... And you can place invisible buttons on top of a field also.

                   And I didn't have a copy of this file in reach when I first saw your question, but a quick check reveals that these do appear to be pop overs--but you could also simulate this effect by swapping layouts when a button is clicked also....

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                     Yes.  Any field can be a button but it doesn't appear to be true with "Popover Buttons".  They only appear to be able to be true button objects.  I'm playing around with setting a popover button behind a field and using a Go to Object script step to hit that popover but that isn't activating the popover like a manual click would.  There is a Close Popover script step but I don't see an Open Popover step.

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                       I can put a pop over button on top of a field and make it invisible. That works for just clicking a field and then getting the pop over, but I haven't yet figured out how they get the drop down list to deploy and still show the popover. I can click the pop over button and use a script trigger to put the focus in the field underneath it to deploy the drop down list, but that makes the pop over disappear and the only way that I even know it deployed was to watch this take place step by step in the script debugger...

                       I'd hate to think that they "cheated" by changing layouts to a layout that duplicates the original but with a simulated value list in place of an actual one, but so far, I haven't been able to figure out an alternative.

                       Your post is motivating me to experiment further with this new feature...

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                         I figured out how to get the file open with FileMaker Advanced:

                         Hold down the shift key when opening the file (Use Option if you have a Mac).

                         enter "admin" as the account name and leave the password field blank.

                         Now you have two windows open, but custom menus have been used to strip out the menu options that permit access to the design features of the file. Select Standard menu set from the Custom Menus sub menu in the Tools menu (This is a FileMaker Advanced feature) and you then have the file open  with a menu that lets you enter layout mode and select all the layouts in the file to see how they are designed...

                         I'll report back here when I figure out how they set up the pop overs like they did.

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                           to have a balloon effect with a popover, without seeing the popover button just do that:

                           create a popover button and insert what you like in the popover

                           using Inspector give a name to the popover (not to the button)

                           using Inspector hide the popover button (f.i. inserting 1 in the “hide object”)

                           use a script with the instruction “go to object “name of the popover” to see the popover

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                             Ok, these aren't the pop overs that they appear to be. I haven't parsed out all of what is going on, but most of these bubbles are simply layout text with conditional formatting set to "gasp", change the object and text fill colors to "none" (red diagonal) to make them invisible--something we've wanted to do in FileMaker 11/12 and couldn't.

                             A few use the new "hide when" option to keep the object out of sight also.

                             Now to figure out what those cute little "pointy things" are that connect the rounded corner text block with the object that it is annotating and make them into "popovers that aint". wink

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                               The little arrows are just a graphic image ( a triangle) stored in a repeating container field.

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                                 Thanks for all the leg work, Phil.  I had come up with a similar determination without being about to get into the guts of the Getting Started db after talking with a contact at FM who said there was indeed some "trickery" being employed to achieve the effect.  I've since replicated it by using an enter and exit script trigger on a field to set a $$ variable to the field name and issue a wiindow refresh.  The object is then hidden if the var isn't set to the correct string.  For some reason a live hide eval on GetFieldName(Evaluate(Get(ActiveFieldName))) doesn't work even if the enter and exit script triggers issue the needed refresh window.

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                                   You need to use:

                                   getfieldname ( Evaluate ( Get ( ActiveFieldTableName ) & "::" & Get ( activeFieldName ) ) )

                                   Your expression will return an error due to the missing table occurrence reference.