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Filemaker 13 Adv not passing data to Outlook 2011 :TO field

Question asked by raamchamp03 on Nov 28, 2014
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Filemaker 13 Adv not passing data to Outlook 2011 :TO field



This appears to have been a topic quite some time ago, but with FMP 11 and FMP 13 Server. I've searched and searched and found many similar related issues with FMP and Outlook, but none I've found have helped, though did report this issue was resolved in the 13 Server version.

My issue is even more odd though. I have 4 different solutions. 3 of them will send email just fine via Outlook 2011 but 1 of them will not. The issue occurs whenever I use the send mail script step and include either a variable or field in the :To box. If I enter an actual email address it works fine. However, if I enter an actual address in the :To box, and put a field in the CC box, no email is created.

This behavior occurs on multiple systems, all Mac OS X and Outlook 2011, and again, only using one of my three solutions. No error message is generated. Using the single step  button it will simply switch to Outlook, but no email is created. When triggered from a script using "perform without dialog" the script just passes right by the send mail step, like all is well, and completes normally.

I've searched the known bugs database and again found similar issues, but way outdated and/or apparently resolved. 

Can anyone help me figure out why this issue is isolated to just one solution? I've simplified this to nothing more than a single button triggering the send mail script step. The problem only occurs using Outlook.