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    FileMaker 13 Hide Object



      FileMaker 13 Hide Object


      Can the calculation for hide an object contain an "or"

      Hide if:

      Field A = Field B or IsEmpty(FieldA)



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          Should work. Which field are you hiding?

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            I am hiding Field C. Apparently only one of the conditions is being followed.

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              You'll need to describe your set up in more detail. The outlined expression looks correct for what you want.

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                On a single layout in tableA, I have a checkbox (Field C), If one of the conditions are satisfied, I want to hide the checkbox (Field C) There are 2 conditions to hide the checkbox. The checkbox allows the contents of Field A to be written into Field B.

                1. If Field A = Field B

                2. If IsEmpty(Field A)

                FileMaker is not reading past the "or" in Field A = Field B or IsEmpty(FieldA).


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                  To repeat, you need to provide more detail.

                  What data types are field A and Field B?

                  Are field A and Field B define in the layout's table and referenced via the layout's table occurrence?

                  (To find the layout's table occurrence, check the name found in Layout Setup | Show Records from. To check each field, look for the name to the left of :: in Display data from in the Inspector when you select each field while in layout mode.)

                  Do you have Field A and Field B visible on the layout where you want this to happen? Are they formatted as edit boxes or some other format?

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                    I am having the same issue.  When a person logs into the database two variable are set for them.....$$Service and $$AdminAreas.

                    On a button I am trying to hide a button if certain criteria is not met.  I have the following entered in Hide Object When:

                    $$Service not equal (using equal sign with slash) to "Text" or not PatternCount ($$AdminAreas ; "Text")

                    This is because while a person might not be part of a particular service ($$Service) they may have administrative rights to that service which is noted in a list in $$AdminAreas.

                    If I use them individually the function works, but if I try to put it together with the or where one of the two conditions is met it's still hiding all of the time.

                    Example:  My $$Service = OT   and my $$AdminAreas = SLT Phys PHN.  If Hide Object is set to $$Service not equal "SLT or not PatternCount ($$AdminAreas ; "SLT")

                    I don't meet the first criteria so it should hide...but I do meet the second criteria as my $$AdminAreas contains "SLT" so it should show then, right?  Which is what I want it to do.


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                      As you noted <Condition1> OR <condition2> will be true if either condition is true.

                      So, if you put "True or False" in the HIDE WHEN, then when at least one condition is true the button will be hidden, not shown.

                      If I've misunderstood your posting above, I would try the data viewer during debugging and validate that at least one of the two global variables is true. In this case, the HIDE WHEN should hide the button (since the compound OR is "true").

                      I created a quick solution to verify this:

                      I created two two global variables:

                      $$var1 = True

                      $$var2 = False

                      Then, in the button's HIDE WHEN for a button, I put the code: $$Var1 OR $$Var2

                      The button was, correctly, hidden since one of these variables was true.


                      - m