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    FileMaker 14 and the upcomming Windows 10



      FileMaker 14 and the upcomming Windows 10


      Will FileMaker 14 be compatible with the new upcoming Windows 10 coming in July. Will there be any conflict that anybody is aware of. Should I hold back and wait.




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          Probably, but with some bugs.  That seems to be the SOP.  Always best to test before you fully leap.  If this is in a multi-user scenario, I would make sure no user has any auto update features turned on for their computer/work station to update their browser.

          With any piece of computer technology (computer, iPad, iPhone, etc.) I never update immediately unless they can communicate to me that I'm in immediate danger of some kind of disaster.  Usually a first update (especially with windows) is immediately followed by multiple updates and security patches.  I figure let everyone else go through the hassle first.

          Also check over at the other 2 forums:



          They seem to be the first to immediately find bugs of this nature.

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            Johan Hedman

            FileMaker won't update FM14 for new OS releases. They do last two versions and since we are on FM15 now and in May we will get FM16 since we are having a release every year now FM14 won't be updated to work with new OS after release of FM16.