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Filemaker 14 Pro/server Calculated field Font issues

Question asked by RichardKutz_1 on Jul 9, 2015
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Filemaker 14 Pro/server Calculated field Font issues


Quick question - just upgraded to filemaker 14 server/pro and I have text fields that are calculated from contents of other text fields. They are calculating correctly however the formatting of the text in other fields are now being imported with the exact same formatting styles used in the other text fields and ignoring the "global" text settings of the calculated text now my calculated text fields all look like ransom notes with some areas in bold and others in completely different fonts (field used to only set to Times 12 pt). I generate a lot of letters this way and short of writing scripts for every single text field to revert all text to Times New Roman 12 is there a single global preference I can set so the program doesn't do this? I can't find one. Thanks.