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    filemaker 14 upgrade



      filemaker 14 upgrade


      Hi Group, I just upgraded to filemaker 14 pro can I ask

      I saw I am able to produce a stand alone self running database in FM14 pro that runs without the main software, how do I do this?  do I create a database and then compile it?

      also if I can do this can I have it running on a desktop computer and then connect to it with ipads for data collection  / stock control? I would want to have 3 - 5 ipads connecting to it.

      I look forward to any input, regards Fluffy



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          Runtimes are standalone and not networkable, so no you can not connect to it from any device.   The runtime does not compile the database, it adds a binding key to the runtime and the database so only that runtime will open that one database.  The database in a runtime can still be open in FMP.  FMP changes the database file extension to fmpur.  You can the file extension to anything you want.  Again, the database will still open in FMP, but with a different file extension it does appear in the open dialog box.  You type in the full name to open in FMP.  (mydatabase.fmpur) 

          To make a runtime for OSX you have to create runtime on a MAC and for Windows you create on a PC.  The runtime that is created is a limited version of FMP and not of your database.   

          To create a runtime go to tools then Developer Utilities.


          Security is used to prevent access to different parts of the database. 

          You will need FMP or FMS to host a database and the database has to be open on the hosting machine.   You will then use open remote to connect to the hosted database.



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            And this cannot be done with FileMaker Pro. It requires FileMaker Advanced.

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              Hi Thanks for your replies, I have the advanced version.  It would of been good to have a network solution i.e a standalone stock control system. I will have a play at some point.

              thanks again


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                You can have a network or a standalone system with FM. The runtime version is not networkable.   FM runtime is not comparable to other programing languages runtimes.  It has been deprecated with FM14, but FM has stated that will be around a least through FM15, after the big uproar from FM customers.  Beyond 15 FM will mostly have something new, which I really hope they improve the runtime I think it is really needed.