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    Filemaker 3 to Bento?



      Filemaker 3 to Bento?


      I have been using Filemaker 3 for a number of years for three related databases. Four computers tied by airport share information. The thought of being able to utilize Mobilme and iPod touch for out of office access and change is interesting. I don't need all of the features of the newest FM. Will changing to Bento be a wise decision?

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          First, some caveats about Bento:


          • Bento is not a relational database.  You can relate data between different tables (libraries) using manual selection techniques -- not primary and foreign key values.


          • Bento 3 database sharing is local area network only.


          • Bento reporting and exporting is very, very, basic.


          • FileMaker layouts and relationships can not be transferred to Bento.


          • There is no scripting, conditional tests, or functions.


          • Calculations are basic.


          Suggest you download the 30 day Bento trial version on two computers to see if it meets your needs.