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    FileMaker 3.0 - Upgrade FileMaker 10.0



      FileMaker 3.0 - Upgrade FileMaker 10.0


      I need to upgrade FM3 to FM10.0  the issue I have at the moment is that the database is corrupting itself.


      Is there any migration tools required to upgrade?  


      Can you migrate directly from 3 to 10?  


      Will I lose any functionality by migrating? 

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          From 3 to 10? Ooops.


          This will be a small step for man, but a big step for filemaker (yesss i know, this is not quoted correctly  )



          Simply go to the download area and get a trial version of fmp10. You will have 30 days to test all you need. But make sure you test with a copy of your .fp3 files to keep your working environment healthy.


          And no, there should no migration tool be needed. Filemaker itself is the migration tool.


          greetings from germany


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            Don't know if the conversion from 3 to 10 can be made all in one jump. You may have to convert it to an intermediate version and then convert that to FMP 10. (Try converting with the trial download of FMP 10 and see what happens.) Since the conversion process creates converted copies of your original files, you'll still have your original copies of your files when you finish the conversion.


            There are many differences between FMP 3 and FMP 10. You'll need to spend some time analyzing and testing your converted files to see what adjustments/repairs might be needed before the converted files are fully functional. Then, once you've done that, you'll need to consider what changes you might want to make to take advantage of all the new features in FMP 10. The biggest difference is that where you once had to have a separate file for every table, you now can merge all your tables into a single file. This has both advantages/disadvantages and the process is not simple. There is a utility available, FMMigrator that some people recomend for this. FMP advanced is also well worth the extra $$ as its Database Design Report feature can be a major help in analyzing your converted files.

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                 Personally,if I were in your shoes, I would create a proper new system in FM10 and then import the data into it.
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                Thank you for your post.


                The answers provided by "kapitaen", "PhilModJunk" and "mr_vodka" are all correct (Thank you!).


                If you want, I will convert your file from FileMaker Pro 3 to FileMaker Pro 10 and let you know if there are any problems.  I have sent you a private message (top of this page - right side - X Messages) with instructions where to send the file.



                FileMaker, Inc. 

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                  Hi TSGal,

                  I came across this post as I have what I believe to be an original FM3 file that is small, yet I need to get the data off of it.  I found I have the orig. FM3 disk, FM5 ( lost registration code), Developer 6 on up to FMPA 11.   On the mac it no longer supports Classic, so I tried to install the FMP 5, yet discovered I no longer have the reg. code.

                  Would you be able to convert the file for me as well?

                  Thank you,