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Filemaker 4.0 printing issue

Question asked by djkmoore on Mar 14, 2010
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Filemaker 4.0 printing issue


I know, it's ancient, nevertheless in any case I use Filemaker 4.0 on an XP platform, SP2.


I have an HP C5580 inkjet printer which I use for all documents which require color.  Filemaker has previously printed to this printer just fine.


Now it won't.  I choose File-Print, the screen says it's sending the doc to printer; however nothing prints, and nothing is in the queue for that printer.


A document from WordPad prints fine.


The very same Filemaker page will print fine to my older, b/w HP 4P.


I'm downloading the latest available basic printer driver as we speak, nevertheless in any case since I've been able to print from Filemaker to the C5580 in the past, it seems to me that I oughtn't to have to do that.


I have cycled the power on both the printer itself and the computer.


Thoughts? Ideas?


Thanks so much in advance for trying....


PS Seriously?  That's an overzealous filter - the 3-letter word meaning "however" NOT being the same as its 4-letter homonym....

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