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Question asked by agreer on Nov 4, 2010
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Filemaker 5 & 5.5: Indirection relationships


Hi regular supporters of ancient technology! I'm back with a new frustrating question.

I have a product that is made up of two pieces: a plate and a blank. Each of these has a unique part number as does the finished product. I have a "Special Plates List" of plates and blanks together and an order form that allows for ordering a finished product. I'm trying to track which plate and which blank is used for each finished product (in particular to track which revision was used) and it's been hell to get the appropriate blank number to appear in the order form.

Example: Finished product unique part number PR 1215-60-0HLG is a specific product (PR 1215-60) printed on a customer number (0HLG)'s small blanks. From the unique part number, I want to be able to show on the order form the blanks unique part number (Blanks-SS-0HLG) and it's corresponding revision number.

However, I cannot manage to get the order form to show the blank number. Currently I have the order form related to the Special Plates List by customer number, but that's the closest I can get. Also there are multiple sizes of blanks to choose from so I am trying to use the specific product size to determine which blanks to use, but I don't know how to tell FileMaker to return the blanks unique part number of the correct size based on the unique part number & size of the finished product.