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      Filemaker 5 & 5.5: Indirection relationships


      Hi regular supporters of ancient technology! I'm back with a new frustrating question.

      I have a product that is made up of two pieces: a plate and a blank. Each of these has a unique part number as does the finished product. I have a "Special Plates List" of plates and blanks together and an order form that allows for ordering a finished product. I'm trying to track which plate and which blank is used for each finished product (in particular to track which revision was used) and it's been hell to get the appropriate blank number to appear in the order form.

      Example: Finished product unique part number PR 1215-60-0HLG is a specific product (PR 1215-60) printed on a customer number (0HLG)'s small blanks. From the unique part number, I want to be able to show on the order form the blanks unique part number (Blanks-SS-0HLG) and it's corresponding revision number.

      However, I cannot manage to get the order form to show the blank number. Currently I have the order form related to the Special Plates List by customer number, but that's the closest I can get. Also there are multiple sizes of blanks to choose from so I am trying to use the specific product size to determine which blanks to use, but I don't know how to tell FileMaker to return the blanks unique part number of the correct size based on the unique part number & size of the finished product.



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          Even in Ye Olde 5.5, you are not limited to a single relationship between files (tables).

          I'm not sure if you are trying to match one value or two between your two tables. Is the unique part number truly unique? or can one "unique part number" actually refer to several blanks of different sizes?

          If it's truly unique ( and it should be), then you simply need to define a relationship that matches the unique part number in both files.

          PS. Microsoft is trying to phase out Windows XP so the day is coming when you might have a computer die and then be unable to acquire a machine that can run FileMaker 5.5. It's better to upgrade and convert a file as old of this before such an even occurs and you have to scramble to do it all in a very short period of time.

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            Yes, the unique part number is truly unique. :) Blanks have a one-to-many relationship with finished products, meaning that we use the same blank size for multiple finished products. Product plates have a one-to-one relationship with finished products, as each label can only have one product's information on it.

            I'm trying to relate the unique part number of the finished product (PR 1215-60-0HLG) with the unique part number of the blank (Blanks-SS-0HLG) at the time of ordering (so that the print shop can use the correct pieces to make the finished product) based on the size and customer number of the finished product.

            Sorry it took me a second try to eloquently ask my question.

            I am pushing hard for a newer version, insofar as I called FileMaker Tech Support to make sure my files were convertable. Nobody but me understands the scope, nature, or difficulty of what I'm trying to do, though, so I may just throw up my hands and tell them the depth of versioning and record keeping they're asking a 10 y/o program to do is impossible unless we upgrade. Letting them know your PS may be helpful in convincing them...thanks!


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              OK, I mistook "unique part number" as the identifier for the blank, not the finished part.

              Sounds like you need a unique identifier in the blanks table such as an auto-entered serial number. Then you could select a blank ID in your finished product table (or it could be auto-entered during data entry perhaps) that links it to the table of blanks info.

              As to upgrade, just ask them to consider the cost of a business interruption if the hardware fails and you can't get back up an running by putting a back up copy on a new machine because it will no longer run your program. One of my selling points to my boss was to stress how much better a conversion job I could do if I did it in a carefully orderly fashion rather than by having to rush it all out in a few hours while our business was stopped cold for lack of computer support...