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Filemaker 5 access privileges

Question asked by FrankPezzulo on May 12, 2011
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Filemaker 5 access privileges


We just purchased filemaker 11 server, pro, and pro adv. We began to start converting our .fp5 files to .fp11 but ran into a password problem. We were told that if the old files have a password then we have to remove it before being able to put our own new security on it.

Our old Filemaker 5 is set up as a peer to peer where the .fp5 files are stored on a file server and users have the software on there machines and just access them. In order to edit any of these files there are passwords to make them editable.

Our problem is that we do not know the "master" password in order to remove the access privileges of the files. 

We tried accessing the "access priveleges" button but everything is greyed out. The only way to see the button under "File" is to open the filemaker software and not open a fp5 file. If we open a fp5 file the button is not an option.

Is there a default master password or does anyone have a solution to be able to remove the old permissions of the fp5 file?