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Filemaker 5 Pro issues

Question asked by Justin_Noland on Oct 7, 2009
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Filemaker 5 Pro issues


My name is Justin. I'm an IT guy for a small company. One of our clients, a dry cleaning company, uses two terminals and FileMaker Pro 5 to run their POS system. They contacted me about a week ago because the two machines were having network issues. We addressed those issues but now FMP5 runs ridiculously slow.


Both machines are ancient Dell's, originally with 256MB of RAM but I upgraded them both to 512. Both are on an entirely closed network with no web access, running XP SP1, with no firewalls. Originally, they were connected together via a single cross-over cable. One PC was operating as the "Host" (launching the FMP5 exe locally, and first) and the other PC was launching FMP5 second, running the EXE and accessing the database files from the server, via the network. For the last five years they have had no issues with speed at all. 


Now, I have a gigabit DLINK switch installed, both PCs are hard-coded with IPs, and the access routes are the same. However, when you launch FMP5 on the second PC it runs slower than hell. The host PC loads the software in a matter of maybe 10-20 seconds, versus 2 minutes plus on the second PC. At first I figured it may be a network issue, but what's odd is that if you reverse the roles of the PCs the problem still exists. Meaning, if I launch FMP5 first on the second PC, pulling all of the program files over the network instead of locally, it is very fast. But the other PC (previously acting as the host) will be very slow when launching FMP5 even though all the files are local. To me this means its a software issue and not a network issue. I tried increasing the cache of FMP5 on the host PC from 512k to 8192k, and to 4096k on the guest PC. I pulled those numbers out of my ass, though, because I've never even seen this software before, let alone knowing how it caches things. 


Both PCs are set to system-configure the page file, there are no firewalls running. I have sent 300 MB files back and forth on their little network between PCs just fine, with network bandwidth utilization staying well below 5%, so its not a network load thing. 


If you have any ideas at all, please help. They are in desperate need of getting their POS's running again. 


Thank you,


Justin Noland