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FileMaker 5.0v1 Problem - Attention Legacy Pros

Question asked by scctech on Feb 5, 2009
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FileMaker 5.0v1 Problem - Attention Legacy Pros


I know this is a very old application, but we do still use it on a regular basis.  It has been brought to my attention from a user that some data is missing in a couple of databases.  More specifically, there is data that was entered between 2002 and 2007 that was inputted into a certain field that is no longer there.  We use FileMaker to keep records for our truck drivers and some of the misc notes for these drivers is missing.  I have some questions about this (for all of you legacy FileMaker pros out there):


1) Is it possible for data in a certain field of a database to become corrupt and disappear?  If a field were corrupt, wouldn't it be corrupt across the board?  For example, some data is missing in the misc notes field for some drivers, but not all data and not for all drivers.

2) Since this is such a legacy application, is it possible to get support on this? 

3) Can a repair be ran on the database with the issue?  I've tried restoring a database and looked at it on another computer and the restored file is the same as the one that is having the issue - no backups older than a week. 


Any thoughts or suggestions would be very helpful.


Thanks in advance!