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    FileMaker 5.5 to Bento



      FileMaker 5.5 to Bento


      Hi, we've changed our equipment and FileMaker 5.5 has been our perfect tool ... is there any way to get our databases including the layouts, fields, etc. into Bento?

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             Just the data. You should be able to export the data as a text file in a format compatible for importing into Bento. Check with Bento documentation to select a compatible text format (I'm guessing tab or csv will work for you.) Layouts will have to be recreated by hand in Bento.
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               Thanks Phil, unfortunately that leaves out 90% of the work done: Calculationfields, layouts, relations, scripts .... Which basically means Bento is no solution. Regards, John
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                 I try downloading the sample version of Filemaker 10 and use it to convert a copy of your files and see what happens. If the files convert cleanly with minimal changes needed, that might be a better option for you as this brings over the layouts, scripts, calcuulations, value lists and data.
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                Thank you for your post.


                The calculation fields in Bento are very limited compared to FileMaker Pro.  Therefore, your calculation fields may not port over to Bento properly.


                Layouts would have to be recreated in Bento. 


                Relationships in Bento are done manually; not based upon a "key" field like FileMaker Pro.  You would have to manually link the records in other tables (Libraries in Bento) to the current tables.


                Bento does not have any script capabilities.


                I highly advise downloading a trial version of Bento and using it, and you'll discover what you will need to do.


                Please let me know if you have any other questions about Bento.



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