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Filemaker 7 IWP, and MacOSX server 10.5.6

Question asked by edkao on Dec 29, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2008 by Jens Teich


Filemaker 7 IWP, and MacOSX server 10.5.6




After upgrading to OSX Server 10.5.6 from Server 10.4.11. I am no longer able to turn IWP on in Filemaker 7.


I was able to reinstall Filemaker 7 and was able to enable IWP. Had to change the port to 8080. That solution did not last.


After a few hours, I find the IWP is disabled, and can no longer be enabled. When I click on the ON button, I get the spinning cursor, then the message that IWP could not be enabled. 


Anyone have a solution to this problem?


Thanks, Ed