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    Filemaker 8 Interface with Stamps.com



      Filemaker 8 Interface with Stamps.com


      In order to realize the productivity benefits of Stamps.com, we need a simple way to link  the changes/updates that we make to our Filemaker records to our Outlook address book, which is linked to Stamps.com.

      Does Filemaker 8 have a plug-in that would allow this linking between Filemaker changes and Outlook?  Does a newer version of Filemaker have such a plug-in?


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          Thank you!  We'll take a look at this.



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            Keith -- I have found that we will be upgrading to Filemaker 11 shortly, and the recommendation I received was to wait for that upgrade.  I was also told that it would be very costly to use Outlook Manipulator to create the link we need (much development/programming time).  I don't know much about computers and nothing about development/programming, but from the name (and your recommendation), I would think that Outlook Manipulator would be a simple way to make this connection happen.  I was expecting that it would have almost a "point and shoot" plug-in, to use a phrase more often used with cameras. (I'm much more familiar with cameras than computers.)  Thanks!

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              Ah if it were only as simple as point and shoot!  Outlook is a complex database in itself with several modules and hundreds of fields to deal with.  The plug-in is a conduit between the two applications - simply put a tool not unlike a hammer to a carpenter.  How you connect the two applications can be done in any number of ways just as a hammer can be used to build many things.  The skill level you have with using the hammer is also a piece of the puzzle and can effect cost.   


              Same with the plug-in.


              For simple integrations - one way push of contacts from FileMaker to Outlook can take a skilled developer 3-5 hours to complete and much of that time depends on the design of the FMP database you are trying to get data out of.  


              For more involved integrations that may include a one way push of contacts, one way push of events and tasks and pulling of e-mail, could take 15-20 hrs of effort or longer.


              For synchronization - infinitely more time is required and we flatly recommend against it.


              One way push or one way pull is generally how we use it and is a cost effective way of getting what you need accomplished.


              Since we built the plug-in, we are probably the most skilled developers to be able to implement the plug-in and would be very happy to look at your specific set of requirements and provide you a quote to get the plug-in integrated.


              Please let us know if that is something you are interested in.

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                Thank you, Keith, for this information; it is very helpful.


                I believe we'd just need the one-way push of contacts from Filemaker to Outlook.  Would this be a one-time event or something that could be repeated easily and simply once a month, once a week, etc.?


                We do have a consultant under contract, so most likely we'd work with him to implement the change, but for comparison's sake, what would you all charge to create the integration?  I'd like to give our CFO some options to consider.



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                  Hi Jo!


                  Definitely repeatable.  Can be scripted to execute on the server as an automated routine using our Exchange Manipulator (if you are using Exchange) or can be scripted so the user could initiate it whenever they want.


                  We charge $155/hr and for the one way push of contacts a very comfortable estimate would be 3-5 hrs.  Our developers are all W-2 employees based here in the US and all are FileMaker Certified Developers.


                  Let me know if we can be of any more assistance!



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                    Thanks!  I'll give this info to our CFO when he gets back in the office on the 3rd.