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    Filemaker 8.5 Version hangs



      Filemaker 8.5 Version hangs


      Hi guys


      I hope someone can help me out.


      I've got Filemaker Pro 8.5 which all of sudden stopped working. 

      I double click on it, the initial page comes up together with the window where you can choose to create a new project or open an existing one.


      Whenever I click OK (having chosen one of the options) in that window, filemaker pro hangs and it goes to a not responding state. At that point I have to kill the application through the task manager. I have reinstalled the program many times so far but with no luck. 


      Also I noticed that it runs fine if you log in as an administrator but not when I'm logged in as me. Please note that my account has administrative privilliges.


      Does anyone know why that happens? Please if you have any suggestions, let me know.


      Many thanks.

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          Steve Wright

          What version of windows are you running ?


          Also, try Right clicking Filemaker, choosing properties, then compatibility and select "run this program as an administrator"

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            Thank you for your reply

            I've got Windows XP. The downside if I run it as an admin is that I have to enter username and password every time I want to open it while before I was a double click away. I've also downloaded and installed the relative updates from the filemaker website but with no luck.


            Is there anywhere in the C: drive some kind of filemaker user preferenfes folder I could empty?  



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              Does your mouse cursor change to an hourglass? perhaps there's a script running that's trapped in an infinite loop--try pressing Esc to terminate it.


              Is there a script that is set to perform when the file opens? If so, examine it to see if there's a difference in how this script executes based on how you opened it. (perhaps a different account/password is being used?)


              Your file could be damaged (If not before then it may become damaged by the force quits). Recover a copy and see if any problems are reported and see if the recovered copy works correctly. If so, replace your file with an undamaged backup.

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                Yes the  mouse cursor change to an hourglass and then I can only kill FMB from task manager.


                I tried pressing Esc but with no luck.


                There aren't any scirpts that run. I'm not sure what you mean by that to be honest. I'm not a heavy FMB user. I just access files that others or myself have created.


                FMB works fine if I drag&drop a file in it but if I touch the menu to open a file (File-->Open) it hangs.

                There must be something wrong with my account because If I log in using another account (not nessecarily as administrator) it works fine 

                Anymore suggetions please?