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    Filemaker 9 and 3 iMacs networked



      Filemaker 9 and 3 iMacs networked


      Currently we have 3 xp machines with access networked. One of these machines host the database itself that the others connect to via a shortcut. The hosint machine also has a auto backup program running and is the main machine used.


      Will FMP be able to host the database file on one machine like the windows but on a iMac running 10.5? The three iMacs will be networked together 10/100/1000 via a 500gb time capsule. I would like to have the same setup with one click database launching. Is this possible with 10.5? It seems there isn't a way to automatically launch a file on a share with out manually connecting to it. Also would the time capsule damage the database file backing up? Should it be excluded from the backup process? I was planning on using Chronosync:http://www.econtechnologies.com/site/Pages/ChronoSync/chrono_overview.html to back up the iMacs. This is a similar program that I use for the windows machines. Would this approach damage the file? Normally most users would close FMP at the end of the day but if it was left open the database could be damaged?


      FMP can also import a MS Access 2000 database? Can FMP also create and print custom forms from database entries? Or generate a form and then add extra information before printing? Can it save said forms and link them to the entry?


      One more important question! Can FMP invoice? This would be fantastic since quik books for Mac does not support multiple users or networking! Which is another question does the database update in real time as three users modify it through out the day? 


      I know I am asking a lot of questions but any help would be very appreciated!


       If you have any questions for me please ask this is very important to me to solve!


      Thank You! 

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          Thank you for your post.


          Yes, FileMaker allows you to share database files across the network and it doesn't matter what machines are being used.  You can definitely have a mixture of Windows and Macintosh machines.


          With FileMaker Pro, you can set up a startup script that automatically connects you to a remote database.


          When a FileMaker Pro file is open, a flag is set in the file showing it is open.  If the file ever quits unexpectedly, the next time you try to open the file, FileMaker Pro sees that this file was not closed properly and therefore does a consistency check.  Therefore, if you run Time Capsule when the FileMaker Pro file is open, if you ever restore the file, FileMaker will run a consistency check on the file when trying to open it.


          FileMaker Pro will not import a Microsoft Access 2000 database file.  You will need to save the Microsoft Access file to some sort of text file (comma delimited, tab delimited) or Microsoft Excel file.


          Yes, FileMaker Pro can create and print custom forms.  You can place a field anywhere on the layout.  A database file can have an unlimited number of layouts.


          Yes, FileMaker Pro can do invoicing.


          Yes, the database information is updated in real time as users modify data throughout the day.


          You may want to download a free 30-day trial version of FileMaker Pro from our web site at:




          Click the icon on the right side that says "Free 30-day trial Download now"


          Feel free to contact me with any additional questions.



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            Okay just so I am clear even if the file is open and I only have a backup of that file while it was open FMP should be able rebuild? or repair if any problems are detected?


            Thank You very much for the information! I really can't wait to get my office moved over to macs and FMP!


            Oh I forgot to ask is there any adverse reasons against having FMP pre installed on the iMacs? Again Thank You! 

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              Yes.  FileMaker will see the file wasn't closed properly and will go through the file to make sure everything is fine.  If any problems are detected, FileMaker will let you know.  FileMaker also has a Recover command under the File menu that allows you to recover/repair files to some extent.


              I don't think there are any adverse reasons having FileMaker Pro pre-installed on iMacs.  Just make sure that each iMac has their own individual copy.  When FileMaker Pro starts, it checks the network for other users that may be using the same License Key, and if detected, FileMaker will tell you that the copy is already in use.



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