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    Filemaker 9 and Smart Cards



      Filemaker 9 and Smart Cards


      I have a windows xp kisok that runs filemaker 8.5 database.  I want to implement smart cards to autenticate users when entering information into certain fields.  I would like the database to remember the smart card authentication so the user doesn't have to enter credentials when moving between fields.  I found oAzium by words in motion, apparently, that company went out of business. Does anyone know of anything else.



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          You need a card reader or a means of working with data read from the card?


          A simple google search should find card readers that can read a smart card. If the reader can operate in Keyboard Emulation mode (most do, I believe), the information read from the card can be entered directly as text into a field of your database where it can than process the results. If it can be programmed to add a "postamble" to your scanned card, that postamble can be the enter key which can be used to trigger a paused script to continue and this can be a way to automate your system's response to the scan.

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               They didnt go out of business. Waves in motion is now Worqsmart.