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Filemaker 9 db with external SQL connection

Question asked by cavaliereg_1 on Dec 14, 2008


Filemaker 9 db with external SQL connection



I have a w2003 machine with sql2000, an odbc connection to a specific table of the sql server named iws_2008_01.

I created a new odbc connection linked to a new table of sql server named iws_2009_01.


In the filemaker 9 database I have an external source linked to the first odbc connection; I need to change the external source from the first odbc connection (iws_2008_01) to the new one (iws_2009_01); I made a modification in the filemaker's external source manager linking everything to the new odbc connection, but all the tables still connect to the old one. I resolve the problem opening and saving every single table linked to the external source.


Is it the only way to do?  

Why the update of the sole external source in filemaker doesn't works?


Thanks for your time and answer.

Best Regards, Giancarlo Cavaliere.