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Filemaker 9 Slow Startup

Question asked by GregBryant on Apr 23, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2009 by wkothman


Filemaker 9 Slow Startup


This past week, without any clue as to why, Filemaker 9 has suddenly started experiencing a very slow start up. One of two things will happen:


1. The program starts, and the grey screen with toolbars appears. The "Open New or Existing File" dialogue does not appear. If I click on the screen, Filemaker will freeze and (Not Responding) appears at the very top of the window. I have to use the Windows Task Manager to shut down the software.


2. The program starts and I do nothing. After five minutes, the "Open New or Existing File" dialogue finally appears and the program then operates normally.


BTW, I'm on windows XP with all current service packs and updates installed.