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    Filemaker 9 Slow Startup



      Filemaker 9 Slow Startup


      This past week, without any clue as to why, Filemaker 9 has suddenly started experiencing a very slow start up. One of two things will happen:


      1. The program starts, and the grey screen with toolbars appears. The "Open New or Existing File" dialogue does not appear. If I click on the screen, Filemaker will freeze and (Not Responding) appears at the very top of the window. I have to use the Windows Task Manager to shut down the software.


      2. The program starts and I do nothing. After five minutes, the "Open New or Existing File" dialogue finally appears and the program then operates normally.


      BTW, I'm on windows XP with all current service packs and updates installed.

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          Hi Greg




          Edit >> Preferences... >> General : uncheck the box: Automatically check for updates every 7 days.

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            Thanks for the suggestion Daniele. Unfortunately that did not solve the issue.


            BTW, I also did reboot after changing the setting just to make sure that the new setting took.



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              Greg Bryant:


              Thank you for your post.


              Obviously, something has changed, so let's assume it is FileMaker Pro.  There are too many factors to consider, so the best course of action would be to uninstall and reinstall FileMaker Pro 9.  This ensures all files, including extensions, are new.


              If after reinstallation FileMaker Pro is slow to start, then you have a different issue with your system.  It could be a simple defragmentation of the hard drive, or you may have to reinstall your OS.



              FileMaker, Inc. 

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                Thanks to all who helped. First, it wasn't the Filemaker software. I had already tried uninstall and reinstall with no resolution to the problem. I had to reinstall my system, which did correct the problem.


                This also gave me the chance to finally test reinstalling the backup image that I had created this winter using Acronis. Everything went fine.


                As Foghorn Leghorn says, "Fortunately I keep my feathers number for just such an emergency!"

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                  Very probably, the reason for the slow startup is a printer that has been selected and is not available anymore afterwards.

                  I get this all the time at customers - I mean, when coming back from customers...:-)

                  FileMaker tries to find that printer on startup.

                  Simply removing the default printer with regedit solves the issue.

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                       The suggestion to remove printers worked for me. I just used the printers/faxes control panel and Filemaker started up during the process. In my case another network change loaded me up the "Auto" added shared printers. Thanks!