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FileMaker Access, Backup

Question asked by sapa88 on Apr 2, 2012
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FileMaker Access, Backup



I have several questions in regarding Accessing a database and having backup.


1. is it possible to create archives of a particular database? which means in the created database we include details about a project and the project would be completed after sometime so no one would be accessing the that projects information. if we keep that project information in the DB then it will take unnecessary space and the DB will keep growing and growing. so if we can make it like an archive and keep it a side where we can use it years later if we ever want to search any details about that again. it possible for multiple users to access the DB from different Login's in the same pc? (I know this doesnt make sense but my management wants me to find it out Undecided lol)


3. can multiple users do data entering, viewing data etc at the same time on same layout and? will the s/w allow it? or will it give any error message saying "cant use this layout its been used by another user" ? and also does it allow to do this kind of thing when users working on different layouts aswell at the same time?