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    Filemaker Account Privileges



      Filemaker Account Privileges



               I have created a database in Filemaker. there are many layouts in it. So, i wanted few set of users to have access to only certain layouts only. where they can add, delete, search and edit the records. But how can i make such a account?


           I have created new set of privileges in the Filemaker.  I have already set the restrictions on other layout.So, they cannot access to it. But the only problem i am facing is the toolbar buttons. They are disabled. I want them to be enable!


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               Go to manage | Security and open the privilege set for editing. Take note of the options you've selected in "Available Menu Commands" in the lower right corner of the dialog. Chances are that the option selected here is disabling both the tool bar buttons and their corresponding menu options. To enable them, you'll need to try a less restrictive option in this particular drop down.