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    FileMaker Adv V14 Save As PDF issue



      FileMaker Adv V14 Save As PDF issue


      Hi Folks,

      My environment is: FM Adv V14.0.1  32-bit for Windows 

      When I run Save As PDF in preview mode with "records being browsed", I only get the first record saved in the PDF? If I use FM Adv v13 to do the same thing, I got all records saved in a PDF.

      This is bug. Has anyone had a solution for this?


      Thanks for your help


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          Doesn't sound like a bug. The Save As PDF step has the same "Current Record" and "Records being Browsed" options that you find when printing.

          And Preview Mode previews the entire found set with the first record in the found set as the first record previewed. Clicking the "book" control then moves you through the previewed pages instead of through individual records as would be the case in Browse Mode.

          But since you mentioned doing this from Preview Mode, I ran a quick test in FMP 14.01 and Windows 7:

          I set up a found set of 5 records and made the 3rd record the current record. I then entered preview mode and as expected saw the first record appear in Preview. I then ran a script with a 1 line script: Save As PDF with the "current Record" option specified. This produced a PDF of the 3rd record, not the first and exactly as I would have expected.

          If you are getting different results from that, you may want to post a report over in Report an Issue--the designated spot to use for reporting possible bugs, a place that is monitored by Tech Support personnel.

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            Hi Phil,

            Thanks for your reply.

            My issue for FM v14 Save As PDF is not able to save to a proper PDF in Windows environment when I choose "records being browsed". I have a coworker who has no issue under his MAC!! Basically I want to print a packing slip for a store which receives 5 items. I save it as pdf for that store, I got it right in FM13: I got 5 items, I open the pdf no problem. But if I do it in FM14, I got a pdf which only shows the first record,and also shows the following error message when I open the pdf : 

            " An error exists on this page. Acrobat may not display the page correctly.Please contact the person who created the PDF document to correct the problem".

            But I can open this pdf in PDF Viewer for Windows 8, no error message and I can see all the five items listed.

            I was using Acrobat Reader Xi v11.0.12. then I upgraded my acrobat reader to the newest version Acrobat Reader DC , I still can't read the PDF properly. the error message still comes up.

            It's surprise to me that I haven't seen anyone to complain this !!




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              Actually, now that you've provided more detail, there is a recent report or two over in Report an Issue reporting problems saving a PDF and W8.1 rings a bell... You might want to search out and review them or post your own report.

              For what it's worth, I modified my original test to use Records Being Browsed and successfully produced a PDF of the entire found set from Preview Mode.

              But I'm using Adobe Reader 10.1.15, Windows 7 and I specified that the PDF open automatically. Don't know if any of those factors make a difference or not.

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                As always, thank you Phil. I just reported this issue. I will keep you posted if there is any solution coming up.