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    Filemaker ADVANCE Trial?



      Filemaker ADVANCE Trial?


      Odd to have to post here, but I've clicked around tooo long. Is there anyway to get a trial of FM Advanced?

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          Not as far as I know...

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            I recently asked Filemaker the same question and was told that there is no free trial for Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced. Seems like there should be.

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              For those considering the added cost of Advanced, I strongly recommend it for all users who intend to build, modify or maintain their own solutions. They only need one copy, all other users of the database can continue to use Pro and Advanced doesn't host the files over the network any differently than Pro so you gain nothing there.

              But for the person doing the development work....

              You get a script debugger that allows you to watch your script execute one step at a time with a data viewer where you can watch values in fields and variables change as well as a 'watch' option that lets you create a key calculation--such as that used in an If step--so that you can examine its value. If the script trips a script trigger, you see that script execute and can watch how it affects the results produced--that little gem alone can save you 100's of hours of frustration.

              Then you gain the ability to change what options are present in the menus your users pick from. You can even take a standard menu option like new record and replace it with a script that creates the new record but also does other things at the same time to improve the user experience. And the keyboard shortcut will still work also. If you don't want to let users sort records on a given layout, use a custom menu that does not include this option and they can no longer sort on that layout.

              From there you get the ability to create your own custom functions--which can simplify or improve the calculations used in your solution.

              And a database design report that can help you figure out where a given field, layout or script is actually used--great for pruning out the 'dead wood' that can accumulate in a long standing database.

              And then for those that are interested, you gain the ability to create non networked  "run time" solutions that can be destributed to other customers who then do not need to buy Filemaker in order to use your solution...

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                 BOB: at least I can stop my fruitless search. On the other hand... shame on you Filemaker. PHIL: I couldn't agree more. Advanced is well worth the extra if you write a lot of scripts. However, I'm really disappointed they couldn't add the automatic backup function that the Server versions have.
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                  I'm really disappointed they couldn't add the automatic backup function that the Server versions have.

                  It's pretty easy to write your own and this works in both Pro and Advanced: Saving Sequential Back Ups During Development