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Filemaker Advanced 12 Bug - Unexpected Lines Appear When Printing to HP Printers

Question asked by mickwilli on Jul 28, 2012
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Filemaker Advanced 12 Bug - Unexpected Lines Appear When Printing to HP Printers


Hi all,

I think I've managed to stumble across a bug in Filemaker 12 when printing layouts that have a boarder on a layout part.

The lines are faint boarders on a layout part that has at least one boarder spcified (i.e. you're printing a 1pt boarder on the top of the footer, but no boarders on the sides or bottom). These lines do not appear in preview mode nor do they appear onscreen when exported to PDF, but they do appear when printed (even if you print the PDF!)

To test for yourself, open Filemaker 12 and create a new database from a starter solution and then select the Invoices starter solution. Enter enough data so you can raise an print an invoice with at least one line item. You should see a faint line appear on the printed page just underneeth the "Grand Total" section.

I first noticed this on my two HP LaserJet printers, both of which are installed with the Apple drivers included with Mac OS X. Printing to my Canon colour laser using UFR-II drivers doesn't seam to have this problem but it's not the printer we use all the time. I've tested this with both Mac OS X 10.7.3 and 10.6.8 and the results are the same.

Has anyone else come across this problem? Can you print an invoice out of the starter solution on your printer and see if it's exibiting the same issue?

Any feedback would be much apprciated. Hopefully this isn't one of those silly Filemaker bugs that takes two versions to be fixe.