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FileMaker Advanced 8.0 v2 Crashes on new record creation

Question asked by rdhackles on Mar 23, 2010
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FileMaker Advanced 8.0 v2 Crashes on new record creation


Using FMP Advanced 8.0 v2, Windows XP

I encountered a very strange problem.

My relational database crashed when I created a new customer and then entered an order for that customer.

I tried several instances of this process, including:

Creating a different new customers and new orders,  which did not crash.

I deleted the customer and order that caused the crash, then re-tried that same customer and order with the same problem.


I tried to Recover file, but Recover hangs at Value Lists.

Cannot create Database Design Report or Clone file (both crash and then file is not repairable).

Even tried to create a Clone from a December 09 back up with no luck.


I have a previous DDR, but don't want to re-build this if I don;t have to.

Also was able to Export Customer info, Order Info and Sales Info (the 3 related data sets that make up my system).