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FileMaker and Applescript Help

Question asked by JustinFranks on Jul 25, 2013


FileMaker and Applescript Help


     Hi all,

     FileMaker Pro 12.0.4

     Mac OS X 10.7.5

     I apologise in advance if this has been answered elsewhere but I can't seem to locate an answer to this.

     I am trying to automate some processes at my work and one of which requires me to create a new FMP database and populate it.

     I am trying to use Applescript to create a new DB but it doesn't appear to work they way I imagined.

     Here is the code:


     (* The tell command is targeted specifically at FMP 12 as both FMP 11 and 12 are installed on the same box *)

tellapplication "/Applications/FileMaker Pro 12/FileMaker"

create new database



     Now, I understand that the command "create new" refers to records but can it refer to files and databases as well? Is there another way to go about this?


     Any help would be appreciated.